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plywood/stainless or plastic/stainless
L 1600 mm B 880 mm H 750 mm
L 2000 mm B 880 mm H 750 mm

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Shaped plywood that’s weatherproof
Environmentally friendly and durable – april allterior furniture is distinguished by its resource-conserving and non-toxic manufacturing process and use of especially weatherproof materials.

Made with shaped (or “bent”) plywood from local beech, we use an ecologically acceptable wood, which originates exclusively in FSC certified forests. Its ecobalance surpasses by far that of tropical wood, which up to now has been inextricably linked to outdoor furniture. The beech wood used for our furniture at april allterior is made weatherproof purely by thermal means, without any chemical treatment.

Thermally Modified Timber (TMT), has been produced industrially for over ten years, but up to now has not been used for high-end furniture with a sophisticated design. april allterior has taken the first step in using thermal wood for designer furniture, which speaks for itself both in quality and aesthetics.

The cell structure of wood is altered by thermal modification, which significantly reduces its water absorption rate and equilibrium moisture content. Swelling and shrinkage is thereby reduced by about 50%. Weather sensitivity is also reduced, by breaking down glucose structures in the wood and thereby removing the source of nourishment for bacteria and wood-decomposing fungi. The weather-resistance of the furniture is further enhanced by gluing the veneer layers with impregnating melamine resin.

On a scale of 1 (very durable) to 5 (not durable), the thermally modified plywood used by april allterior achieves a resistance class of 1. Outdoor weather tests and xenon tests have proven that the glue remains absolutely firm, even after 1,500 test hours. This corresponds to a life expectancy of twelve years.