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Acoustic cube
Acoustic cube and seating cylinder
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Sound absorption-Sound absorbing objects >

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Acoustic cube highly sound absorbing, with a lengths of 300 or 400 mm, removable fabric cover with zipper, available in 14 fabric collections (Era, Lucia, Sprint, Medley, Lucia CS, Rivet, Twist/M, Xtreme, Aspect, Go Check, Blazer, Main Line Flax, Field, Crisp), incl. stainless steel suspension kit for a suspension length up to 1500 mm (longer suspension available on request), filler flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 and highly sound-absorbing according to DIN EN ISO 354 aw 0,9.

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Often it is the simple things that make the difference that give the room its own personal and individual touch. Freely suspended in the room, seemingly weightless and floating, the highly sound-absorbing acoustic cubes and cylinders offer architects and planners good opportunities to design especially high-ceilinged rooms acoustically and visually. You can choose between a multitude of very different fabric qualities, sometimes with a reserved, plain character sometimes full of character. The fabric cover is removable and can be easily and professionally cleaned and replaced if necessary. The elements are suspended with an easy-to-install, height-adjustable stainless steel suspension kit. The acoustic cubes are offered with an edge length of 400 mm and alternatively 300 mm. The acoustic cylinder has a diameter of 250 mm and is available in lengths of 800 mm and 500 mm. There are 14 different fabric qualities available to chose from divided into 4 price groups.