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Il Canto Del Fuoco®
Il Canto Del Fuoco®
Domenico De Palo
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Accessories-Fire elements
Fireplaces/Stoves-Ventless fires
Ventless fires-Ventless ethanol fires
Accessories-Fire elements
Fireplaces/Stoves-Ventless fires
Ventless fires-Ventless ethanol fires

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Heat and light enter the bathroom
Antonio Lupi proposes “Il canto del Fuoco”®, a project born from the collaboration between the Company, the designer Domenico De Palo and the “maestro fumista” Massimo Pistolesi.
Essential and evocative forms, easy to use: fire in its essence with its advantages and disadvantages. No chimney, no ashes and no smoke, only heat and light.
Supplied by renewable energy, bioethanol, no maintenance or cleaning needed, clean emission, can be turned on or off when desired.

The project of a fire place for the bathroom has been created with the intent to design fire as if it were an integration of the furniture.
Antonio Lupi using its know-how in furniture design has created the "tailor-made fire place", created expressly for the bathroom, but not only, because it can also be fitted in any other context of the house.

The sail that comes inside the chimney is a patent antoniolupi - Dimensions: depth 42 cm, available in three widths: 45, 72 and 225 cm of the mouth as an integral part of the wall and 63, 108 and 270 cm in the outer wall version.
The Chimney can be placed on the wall (just as if it were hung a decorative panel)or integrated into the wall with a plasterboard coverage.
The "Canto del Fuoco" project can be integrated with the color of the wall, since once installed it can be painted, being seen only in mouth of the wing.
The burner, which can be placed inside the fireplace, can be visible or can be covered with stones and has a governor of intensity of the flame.
Fueled with ethanol alcohol, 2 liters allow the use of the fireplace up to 5 hours.
The chimney does not emit dust into the air, does not produce ashes and is less polluting than the traditional wood burning fireplace.

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