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1600x30x400 mm
natural aluminium.stainless steel.66 pairs of crystals.crystal glass.clear.ground by hand
suspension length 2500 mm
13 x 15 W (max. 40 W) clear E14

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in 1997, anthologie quartett first presented the suspension lamp cellula, created by the designer duo nunzia carbone and tiziano vudafieri from milan, at the tendence in frankfurt.
the lamp was created for the central table of a guest house which an art collector from milan commissioned the designer duo carbone & vudafieri to create in a large loft; of course this house within a house does not only serve the purpose of being an unusual guest house, but is also simultaneously ideal as a retreat after intensive preoccupation with the highly extensive art collection exhibited in the loft.
using a plethora of completely different prisms, acquired from flea markets, and a plain aluminium tube, carbone & vudafieri developed the contemporary reinterpretation of the classic chandelier, which caught the spirit of the age exceptionally quickly and became the archetype of a new generation of modern chandeliers.
let's think back: in 1997, minimalism in design had reached its zenith and chandeliers with suspended crystals were virtually unimaginable in the context of design. within just a few years, the cellula lamp a combination of a perfectly worked aluminium tube with a multitude of completely different handcut crystals, a mixture between 'form follows function' and middle-class magnificence was transformed into an object of desire and became, unfortunately also the most frequently copied designer lamp in europe.
to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this classic lamp, anthologie quartett is launching a highly luxurious edition of this suspension lamp with oversized prisms, numbered and limited to just 500.