COLLECTION, supplementing the Classic family, is a further series of suspended luminaires which likewise harmoniously unites the aspects of emotionality and technology. Particularly to be emphasised, however, is the possibility of individual design of the luminaires; as desired, the most varied materials can be used for the lamp shade. "Create your own identity" is the principle/product idea/guiding idea of COLLECTION.

Lighting technology HIT/G12, TC-TSE/E27, TCG-SE/E27 for suspended mounting
Suspended luminaire (one lamp) with lamp shade in different shades und surface finishes, transparent cable
Connection data: HIT/G12, electronic ballast, 35(42)W, 50(56)W, 70(80)W, conventional ballast, 35(48)W, 70(88)W; TC-TSE/E27, 230V, 22W; TCG-SE/E27, 230V, 15/18W
Weight approx. 1.0 kg