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unicatum - the universal furniture system
unicatum is a unique furniture system that excels with its expressive design and the extraordinary harmony of its lines. To demanding customers unicatum offers a variety of high-level design options.
Freely movable and combinable floor elements and side panels together with high-quality, colored glass elements allow you to become the creator of highly individual pieces of furniture. To meet your individual needs and preferences unicatum comes as a system of unparalleled flexibility that is easy and fast to use and requires no tools.

Use unicatum to turn your very personal interior design ideas into reality. unicatum, the universal furniture system, is perfect for being used as a shelf, library, cabinet, cupboard, sideboard, book shelf, living wall with TV, room divider, shoe cabinet, shelf system, corner shelf, or filing cabinet. Turn your very personal interior design ideas into reality - with unicatum!

LED lighting

Aficionados of futuristic designs can opt for dimmable LED lighting, creating the ease and comfort of a dreamlike living ambiance, with color selection being made via remote control.
Advantages of unicatum
- easy and fast to assemble and dismantle, requires no tools
- adjustable, stable furniture legs
- freely extendable and combinable
- large variety of materials to choose from (metal, wood, glass)
- individual design options due to movable glass, floor and side panel elements
- great variety of usage options (as a shelf, room divider, sideboard, shoe cabinet…)  
- high precision production from Germany
- very scratch safe 19 mm MDF panels with HPL on both sides
- 6 mm strong, specially varnished glass elements

unicatum desk

The elegant desk of ANB art & design is a new highlight in the product family unicatum. He FUGT seamlessly into the universal furniture system and offers a lot of value for the daily office use.

- Integrated connection possibility for USB, power, network, etc., under the overhead glazing bead
- Cable outlet between the glass elements in a standard cable channel
- Clean cable outlet by a link chain
- Expandable, sliding, growing possibility of different rack heights
- Multi-stage height adjustable and can be used as a bar table