The Fountain

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By its central position, the fountain is predestined to act as a focal object of the space, in the close vicinity of the main vertical communications, escalators, and lift. It should also serve as the place of meeting of the Centre visitors, as the place for resting and siting that is supported also by its fine, round shapes.
The surface kept under pressure all time creates a continuous flow along the whole perimeter, rippled gently by nozzles. In this way, it creates light effects also through a glass bottom, placed in the centre of the fountain, welcoming visitors coming from the basement entrance.
Material: DuPont™ Corian® - Glacier White

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Categorised in Storage - Retail.
Part of the collection FOUNTAIN.
Manufacturer AMOS DESIGN
Family The Fountain
Architonic ID 1349952
Year of Launch 2015

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