BUILT IN cabinet

Wall panels from AMOS DESIGN, Designed by Vladimír Ambroz

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BUILT IN is a new concept for hotel bathroom furnishings. There is no need of excessive accessory in the bathroom, compatibility problem of furnishings and sanitary equipment is eliminated. There is no need to add other elements to the bathroom. Many different sizes of elements of the BUILT IN series offer more space, greater simplicity and more options. Most parts are made of Corian®, which is washable and water resistant. Therefore, it may also be part of shower enclosures. There is nothing worse than constantly falling shampoo or sponge that can be nowhere to put. Basic material is Corian®, which is permanent, water resistant and washable. Other surfaces used inside can be polished stainless steel, colored glass, mirror or possibly tropical wood or the same tiling as on the walls. All complemented by LED lighting and other surface variations. And what is more, everything stays hidden as much as possible. Size of elements is optional with respect to a specific project and composition and size of tiles. Each project can be original and matching the tile design. LED light is hidden and spiritual sense of this indirect lighting brings a new dimension to bathroom use. Installation is done together with bathroom tiling within finishing works. If you require effect LED lighting you need to have supply from the transformer best located in a room consumer unit.

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