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ALPIlignum Maple 10.89
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Lime Tree, Crown
3150 x 640 mm

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ALPIlignum is ALPI's reconstituted wood, ideally summing up all the assets that we can offer our customers: quality, design and eco-responsibility.
ALPIlignum is obtained according to a special production process: wood is "peeled" off controlled-origin species logs, dyed by immersion in non-toxic dyes and then "reconstituted" by overlapping the dyed sheets to form a new log.

Our industry-specific, long standing experience and permanent research enables us to offer our customers a product in line with outstanding quality standards, particularly in terms of light-fastness and extremely low formaldehyde emissions.

The absence of defects typically found in traditional wood, the homogeneousness and reproducibility of colours and sizes make this wood ideally suitable for customised items or production batches.
Our Sales Support and prompt stock availability ensure that even large-sized orders can be processed at any time, making us the ideal parteners for your production requirement.

ALPIlignum features massive customisation potential and great aesthetic variety: it is possible to reproduce the colours and veins of natural woods or create Design Wood in new colour shades; designers will find in Alpilignum a highly versatile wood to fulfil their creative requirements.

All ALPIlignum wood is poplar, basswood or ayous-based and all the wood is sourced from responsible and sustainable forestry management.
We do not use rare or protected species and consistently ensure woodland replanting. We personally ensure that this procedure is implemented: therefore you  can be assured that the wood that you are using has a controlled, closely monitored origin, highly respectful of environmental biodiversity.

Guaranteed Quality, Design and Eco-Responsible Origin - make of ALPIlignum the perfect choice for your every application. This is why Alpi is Wood ... & More.

Texture: Crown, Planked, Quartered, Burl