Product description

Shade solid surface. Lamps not included. Structure powder coated steel.
Foot: Ø 80 cm
Shade: Ø 20 cm
H 30 cm

Product family


CAPITONÉ is a collection of luminaires whose common denominator is its unmistakable ‘quilted’ appearance.
CAPITONÉ is a classic. We like its forcefulness, its elegance, its softness, it is almost an object of art. In the pendant, it is smashing the difference of its appearance when the light is off and when it suddenly lights up inside: it is as if a miracle happened, revealing the padded grid that was not even guessed when light was off. The CAPITONÉ collection, in general, has a remarkable presence and its marked style makes us think that it is ideal for homes or restaurants with a certain classic or minimalist air, spaces in which these luminaries can stand out among other objects around them and they will, by their design, be the center of attention.
CAPITONÉ consists of four models: wall lamp - made of textured painted casted aluminum -, pendant lamp, convex ceiling lamp and flat ceiling lamp. The pendant and the convex ceiling lamps have identical shade. The flat ceiling lamp, in turn, is available in two diameters and emulates a rosette of plaster, such as those used on the roofs of some luxury estates of the first half of the twentieth century. The pendant and ceiling lamps are made of 'solid surface', a material widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. At ALMA LIGHT we process the ‘solid surface’ using molds, getting it to adopt any shape and obtaining a translucent quality without losing its qualities: a silky feel similar to polished natural stone, and its great resistance to scratching and wear. The pendant and ceiling lamps incorporate LED technology, while the fixtures include an R7s lamp holder.