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Penny Stainless Steel SS mirror polished
Penny Stainless Steel Tiles
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Product description

The reflection on each tile is as perfect as a glass mirror. Mirror polished stainless steel or Number Eight finish (#8) polished tiles,' can help 'open-up' the smallest room in the most contemporary way while becoming an arresting design feature.

Product variants


ALLOY stainless steel tiles are sleek, solid, long lasting and hardwearing with an unsurpassed finish. Each ALLOY tile is punched from one solid sheet of the hightest quality stainless steel, providing a unique weight and seductive tactility. Depending on the desired effect, ALLOY stainless steel tiles are available in brushed finish, mirror finish and 2B finish. If the tiles are for pools, water features or exterior use in ocean environments, we recommend Marine Grade stainless steel, available in either brushed or mirror finish.

Tile features:
Immaculately designed and manufactured to create an unsurpassed metal tile finish.
Punched from an individual sheet of 1.6mm thick solid, high quality stainless steel.
No backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike 'metallic' coatings. ALLOY tiles won’t dent, crack or de-laminate.
Face mounted for better protection of the stainless steel tile face during installation.
Made in Australia. Consistent high quality. Guaranteed sweat-shop free.
As a reflective material, stainless steel can be tricky to photograph. To ensure you are getting the exact look you want, we suggest purchasing a tile sample.

Ø 19 mm

Sheet size:
316 x 302 mm / 12.44" x 11.89"