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“TABU” uses the most advanced technology available: that of NATURE, and another:
that of man ...the Robot, to shape the gifts of the EARTH to meet the needs of man. To plant an organically modified seed to create a chair... Not so much a chair but a grain! A grain of the future. “To synthesize nature in order to naturalize industry”, “To recover the sense of Authenticity, Beauty and Goodness”. TABU is a metaphor of truth. “Geneethics” the FUTURE is NATURE / NATURE is the FUTURE Grow a chair by Alias & Eugeni Quitllet.
Designed by EU-Génétiquement

The tabu collection designed by Eugeni Quitllet is available in a number of variations. It sees the combination of different elements in solid ash wood, all produced using a numeric control system and subsequently joined to one another. The version with a methacrylate backrest is innovative and unique in its kind in the wood seating market.
The result finds two different materials, wood – which represents nature – and transparent polymer, which interprets technological research, both brought together to breathe life into a metaphysical object. It provides the highest expression of Quillet’s approach in designing objects with refined surfaces and different materials that interlock with one another.

The tabu plastic full backrest is now available with its new larger backrest in transparent methacrylate or in wood. The tabu collection is entirely FSC® certified; each product is made using wood from forests that are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner, keeping in with strict environmental, social and economic standards. Tabu is available in natural ash, in dark or walnut-dyed oak, as well as in the more up-to-date open-pore lacquer available in 12 cutting-edge colours.