Product family


ITALO is Alea’s new open plan offi ce system that combines amazing technical features with cost effi cient components. The system consisting in a metal structure with beams and straight legs that support work surfaces 18mm (11/16”) thick.

The worksurface is secured to the structure through conical pins which are inserted onto metal springs applied to the beams. The table top is installed only by pressure, without the use of screws. The horizontal beams also provide support to several accessories.

In addition to the fi xed version, ITALO has a sliding option where the table top moves along special tracks placed on structural legs, allowing the operator to have easy access to the wires without having to clear out his desk before re-arranging them.

The sliding top can be provided with grommets or soft brush flip top that allow cables to reach easily the top of the worksurface. Screens may be tackable and cubbies can be added and shared in a bench configuration.

In the face to face stations, ITALO sliding system allows easy access to the center through where the cables run. The channel can be in metal or in a grid chrome version.

ITALO beam system allows the building of conference tables 300 cm (10 feet) long without an intermediate support.These tables can be combined with stylish modular open bookcases in several melamine finishes or with elegant sliding door cabinets.