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In classical Greek mythology, ERACLE (HERCULES) is the hero of extraordinary feats who reaches divinity, thanks to his physical and moral abilities. In fact, his father Zeus gave him the gift of eternal youth. Resistance, harmony and balance are the acknowledged qualities of things made to last. This is why our executive system ERACLE is already a classic. It is a blend of design and research into innovative materials: this can be seen in its aluminium legs with special profiled shape.

Among the options available for desktops, as well as wood and hide, back-painted glass provides original contrasts in finish between the frame and desktop. The matching storage unit has back-lacquered methacrylate doors with aluminium frame.

ERACLE adds Light Oak and Dark Oak to its range of wood finishes. The open-pore finish gives the surface a new warm material quality and lets us enjoy the pure features of wood: soft to the touch with a natural finish.

The ERACLE desk, upholstered in hide and shown here with matching ALMA chair with the same finish, adds the utmost prestige to the executive studio, becoming the leading feature in interiors and highlighting its exclusivity.

The DEDALO storage units with sliding doors faced with wood finish - plain door or coloured methacrylate door - are equipped with anodized aluminium profiles that provide an easy grip. The executive cupboard provides rational and functional solutions, but includes home comforts.

ERACLE meeting tables stand out with their striking design. They fully meet the requirements of a meeting roomcapable of welcoming its guests with refinement, elegance and warmth, thanks to the comforting presence of wood combined with unique and innovative style.

Accessories are fastened to the aluminium profiles on the ERACLE frame, with 45° corners, such as a CPU unit and trays for connection to the cable tidies for vertical electrical connection.

Aluminium frame
Light Oak wood frame
Dark Oak wood frame
Hide-coated frame
Aluminium-coated base