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Undergrowth | Stump Stool Hornbeam
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Product description

This couple of Stump Stool is made of SOLID WALNUT WOOD from a single log, with native plants in the natural bark surface, preserved in EXTRACLEAR RESIN resembling the water that generated their life.
The stool is equipped with swivel castors or felt hidden at the bottom.

The natural wood surface is not covered by resin on the section planes since alcarol always use a selective wood coating with a matt natural effect.

30 x 30 x H 45 cm / Customizable size, design and finishes.
The product is available in various wood species depending on the stock availability.

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For this collection alcarol recovered some discarded logs from the undergrowth of the Italian Dolomite mountains; then cuts planks, preserving the natural bark surface and live edges with their mosses and lichens, which are encased in a special resin resembling the water that generated their life, while the section planes remain uncovered to give the possibility to appreciate warmth and matt porosity from natural wood.
The project engages with the alcarol concept of environmental cross-section. By filling the gaps with resin, alcarol achieves a new functionality freezing time at the end of the material’s cycle and giving it a new life before it dissolves into the ecosystem.