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Marble Ways | Coffee Table
Marble Ways
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Marble Ways Coffee Table is made of SOLID WOOD boards recovered from marbles processing labs. An EXTRACLEAR RESIN, resembling the water used in cutting operations, cover the surface encapsulating MARBLE residues. Laser cut x-shape sheet STEEL base.

70 x 100 x H 42 cm / Customizable size, design and finishes.

The available marble powder colors are: Black Ebano, White Carrara, Grey Bardiglio, Rose Corallo, Green Alpi.

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The Marble Ways Collection aims to capture unusual atmospheres of some impressive workplaces by freezing time at the end of the material’s life cycle, thereby giving it a new life.

The worktops of Italian quarries and marble processing labs consist of wood planks which are continuously scratched by huge circular blades used to cut blocks of stone, creating a kind of unusual and irregular checkerboard similar to an urban planning model of a future metropolis, with crossroads, squares, buildings and uncountable ways.

alcarol recovered some of these wooden plank, that once consumed by the blades are replaced and usually become waste. Like the water flow of the cutting operations, a transparent resin is poured on the uneven wood surface to encapsulate marble residues and level all the roughness.
Each piece is unique and characterized by the type of marble that was worked on it during the last cuts, in fact the sedimentary powder unites colours of natural stone with those of wood.

The result of the various processes is a flat and functional surface that allows the preservation and the appreciation of the history of this characteristic pattern.