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H250-300cm, 75x30cm

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Inspired by the natural shapes of Ginkgo biloba, this furnishing addition is designed on the interweaving of orthogonal lines and ensures different colours can be matched freely.

A row of Ginkos: its iteration defines a new way of furnishing our environments, re-interpreting the object-bookcase with personality and character.

Attention to detail and extreme formal cleanliness can be immediately detected in this project. A quality realization showing its characteristics in matching colours and materials, the treatment of surfaces and the constructive details.

Ginko XL

Ginko has grown up
An XL version of the original Ginko aluminium bookcase that re-interprets its classical orthogonal lines giving free space to dimensions.

Bigger, more flexible
In comparison with its “little sister”, Ginko XL can adapt to various heights and widths with more flexibility, thanks to the whole horizontal columns and vertical elements made up by individual sections.

Ginko XL is an eclectic piece of furniture that can be placed either against the wall or in the centre of the room. Made wholly in anodized or polished aluminium, it can be ordered in various sizes.

Trunk: We used an aluminium alloy 6060 extruded with a 3,000 t press and a controlled temperature of 500°.The trunk is 32 mm thick.

Branch: We used an aluminium alloy 6060 extruded with a 3,000 t press and a controlled temperature of 500°.The branch is 16 mm thick.

Sap, trunk and branches: Our tree’s sap is made of veneered or varnished and can be customised. There are four veneer and two lacquer versions.

Veneer: Natural Oak, Dark grey Oak, Walnut, White-Ash

Lacquer: red and green

Branch – trunk anchoring To ensure maximum resistance, we used 8 mm steel joints. Fagus’s branches inclination are 72° and 64° 19/10 steel retention screws in
contact with aluminium 6060 create a natural self-locking system

Wall mount: We have studied a wall mount system with high retention nylon and steel dowels. Weight retention tests let you load the system with all the books you
want up to 10 kg per branch.

Ceiling mount system: The ceiling holding plate has nickel-plated steel pins and permits 20 mm technical excursion space for compensation. Each tree comes with a
kit of 2 high retention nylon and steel dowels for ceiling mount