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air-lux 173 connect wood-aluminium
air-lux 173 connect
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Product description

Materials that create the right surroundings.
Bright rooms need elegant surroundings. That's why air-lux has been using luxurious materials in innovative ways for many years. And we always know how to surprise. This unique fusion of materials in the façade construction of sliding
windows was honoured with the AIT Award in 2013.

Design freedom with system support.
With air-lux, in addition to a frameless window frontage in exceptional dimensions, the flexible, customisable range also extends to sliding panels and a range of opening and tilting options. This offers architects and developers a whole new range of design and expression possibilities. The result – Architecture that sets new standards.

Product family


connect stands for innovative treatment of fine materials. It combines an aluminium core with fine wood for interiors, or with bronze for external areas.

Aluminium, wood and glass. Three materials that complement each other perfectly in an architectural setting. With connect, air-lux offers a degree of design freedom that traditional solid wood windows cannot match. The large-scale aluminium sliding windows combine with 16 types of wood in interior areas.

The feel, appearance and surface can be individually determined for wood, aluminium and bronze. The result – a living space of exquisite beauty and extraordinary character.