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air-lux 173 classic aluminium
air-lux 173 classic
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Product description

The frameless system that defies the elements.
air-lux is the floor and ceiling-flush system with large-scale sliding windows that offers exceptional benefits thanks to the inflatable seal concept.

Absolute impermeability, absolute comfort.
The physical demands of large-scale glass façades mean that conventional sealing techniques do not measure up. That’s why air-lux has patented its own air-assisted sealing system. It means that air-lux remains 100 % sealed – even in extreme winds and driving rain. And it comes with a most welcome sideeffect – unparalleled absorption of external noise.

Design freedom with system support.
With air-lux, in addition to a frameless window frontage in exceptional dimensions, the flexible, customisable range also extends to sliding panels and a range of opening and tilting options. This offers architects and developers a whole new range of design and expression possibilities. The result – Architecture that sets new standards.

Product family


air-lux is a floor-to-ceiling glass façade system with large-surface sliding windows and a unique sealing concept.

air-lux 173 stands for exceptional Swiss manufacturing precision. The robust and high-quality aluminium design with its slim profile achieves top marks in testing up to a maximum size of 18 m2 (max. dimensions 5.9 x 3 m). The patented sliding window system is maintenance-free.

Data Sheet
air-lux window-facade glazing system
Test Results for Product Standard 14351-1

Heat Insulation
ClassificationunderStandard EN 10077-1 0.92 W/m2 K, Ug 0.6 W/m2 K
Uw Parameter / per property 0.83W/m2K,Ug 0.5W/m2K

Air Permeability
Classification under Standard EN 12207: 1999 – 11
Class 4

Driving Rain Impermeability
Classification under Standard EN 12208: 1999 – 11
Class E1500

Wind Loading
Classification under Standard EN 12210: 1999 – 11 / AC : 2002 – 80
Class C4 / B4 1600 Pa, 2400 Pa max.

Noise Insulation
Property-dependent up to 43 dB,
also dependent on size of window element / selection of glass quality

Resistance Classes WK2 / RC2 WK3 / RC3
Sliding window height up to 3 m

Required Operating Forces
Classification under Standard EN 13115: 2001 – 07
Class 1

Facts & Figures
Patented sliding window system, maintenancefree, air-assisted sealing
Casement element size up to 18 m2, e.g. 5.9 m x 3 m
Fitting flush to floors and ceilings
Variable types of opening, manual or motorised
Whole glass cornerings, fixed or openable, all glass jointing
Glazing up to 60 mm thickness
Gap opening, wheelchair negotiable
Fly screens, shade features, black-out
10-year warranty (guarantee) on profiles, fittings and air-lux seals
Security packages up to RC3 / WK3