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air-lux 173 accessory - sunlight protection
air-lux 173 accessory
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Product description

To achieve a comfortable ambient climate with large-surface windows, a good sunlight protection system combined with the right insulating glass is of the essence. The air-lux profile technology makes it possible to attach the most common systems in the vertical framework profile of the lateral guides (stainless steel cords or rails) – these can be attached directly to the air-lux sill construction.

• Prevents overheating and glare
• Additional energy savings
• In summer, heat radiation can be minimised (comfortable room temperature)
• In winter, controlled sunlight protection diverts the solar energy into the building (lower heating costs)

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All functions of air-lux sliding windows are designed to ensure optimal ease of operation and comfort. Comfort solutions such as gap ventilation, insect protection and shading systems can be integrated upon request.air-lux
air-lux sliding windows are easy and smooth to manoeuvre manually or automatically. The control and monitoring of the lock status can also be managed via the building management system or mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.