Versatile, lively and completely customizable, it can house a universe of books and objects.
Made of lacquered metal sheet and designed with concealed fasteners allowing to change the set-up over time, by moving the modules around or adding new ones at will. Thanks to the three box sizes, you can find the ideal arrangement for objects, books, CDs and DVDs. A great emotional solution of impact, even at empty spaces.

Materials and finishes: at-wall container: varnished steel white lacquered / grey beige - inside box A-B-C: varnished steel white lacquered / grey beige / ocean blue / purple / turquoise.

at-wall container: 330 x 310 x h.1700 mm
inside box A: 165 x 280 x h.350 mm
inside box B: 330 x 280 x h.210 mm
inside box C: 330 x 280 x h.310 mm