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Charme Fabric
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Charme Fabric
Hand-silk damask fabric, flame retardant.
A precise finishing, the result of years of research and development in the field, makes the Trevira fabric technology that provides professional and efficient performance, becomes a product of natural hand to the eye and to the touch. A palette of six different color tone on tone: silver, blue, white, optical, ivory, greeny (gray / green), greyge (gray / beige). Designed for upholstery, draperies important, upholstery and furnishing accessories.
Height: 140 cm

Charme Wallpaper
Transparent microspheres for a modern damask relief combined with a combined structured CHARME proposes a reinterpretation of the classic reasons for the damask wallpaper in tnt (non-woven) offering a texture with handcrafted microspheres combined with transparent colored corundum producing a tone on tone glitter shaded. Winning is the optical effect and scenic, bright and alive, just like the great charm evokes the name of the product (in French charme=charm). CHARME is available in panels of 70 inches wide by 320 cm high and is offered in 6 colors: blue and white vory beige, greeny (gradient that turns from gray to green) and greyge (gradient from gray turns to beige).
Size roll: 320 x 70 cm