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56 Cabinet
"56" Day Bed/Cabinet
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Product description

Cabinet made of Italian walnut and lacquered opaque blue inside, with doors opening by 'push&pull' and feet made in lacquered steel. Complete of 1 fixed shelf and 3 movable shelves

Product family


This new collection includes two products filled with meaning: the totemic Cabinet, a unit for use in the day and dining zone, and the Day-Bed. These two pieces both bear an important project citation: the feet of both consist of small miniatures of the historic Thonet chair. A “borderline” project, magically poised on the permeable boundary separating the artistic dimension from contemporary design.

“While creating pieces for Adele-C I allowed myself the freedom to play with extreme irony and scale while maintaining the balance between the useful and the abstract; going all the way to the edge of the cliff but not jumping off. The “56” collection started with two functional objects; one for resting and the other for storage. My task was how to elevate these functions, both literally and conceptually. The past came to my rescue. Appropriating Thonet chair no.14, shrinking it and reproducing it in steel, allowed the stability for it to function as a support to the other components rather than our butts.”
Ron Gilad