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ACO ShowerDrain E-line straight TZ Rinne
ACO ShowerDrain E-line straight: Channels
ACO Haustechnik
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Showers-Shower drains
Drainage-Linear drains

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• Drainage channel for the shower area
• Installation height: 105–160 mm (water trap 50 mm, drain socket DN 50),79–134 mm (water trap 25 mm, drain socket DN 40/50)
• Made of stainless steel, material grade 304
• Tested to load class K 3 and drainage properties in accordance with DIN EN 1253
• Drainage properties, standard version: 0.4 l/s without accumulation, 0.6 l/s with 20 mm accumulation in accordance with DIN EN 1253
• Channel width: 84 mm
• Drain suitable for all push-fit pipe socket systems
• Channel body with side gradient
• Detachable 2-piece odour seal
• Socket slope: 1.5°
• Soundproof tested in accordance with DIN EN 4109
• Electropolished surface
• Surrounding moulded thin bed flange
• Also available with surrounding moulded thin bed flange with 40 mm wall flange
• Optionally also available with red, blue, green or rainbow lighting