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Family of tables with metal legs and top in different shapes (round, square, rectangular) and materials (wood, glass, marble).

- Legs in brushed metal light nickel or titanium grey or painted matt white, Manganese grey
- Top (square and round version): in white arabescato or graphite grey marble, matte or polished finish, or back-lacquered glass in white, black, warm grey (with wood support)
- Top (rectangular versions): honeycomb veneered wood with Eucalyptus, black Eucalyptus, or in fossil veneer Swamp Oak, Swamp Ash

(*) Swamp oak and Swamp ash
Special veneer identified as a “fossil” since obtained from trunks found below ground, where they have been preserved under layers of clay for hundreds of years. The anaerobic environment inhibited the growth of microorganisms preventing the inexorable process of slow decay. On the contrary, over time the internal elements are transformed and others have been added: the mineral salts are combined with those present in the wood matrix, slowly transforming the organic state. This long natural process, which cannot be replicated, gives the wood a unique, precious appearance, with surprising colors and textures. The aging of the wood can also cause the formation of cracks and splits which are puttied and repaired but not eliminated during processing, because they are the signs of time that provide evidence of the great age and uniqueness of the material.


Tables formed defying the forces of matter, to create a true sculpture-object for the living room area. It starts with a sheet of metal, a part of which is cut and twisted 90 degrees to form a spiral arrow that extends toward and supports the top, a gesture in form that is not only elegant and refined but also has a structural function. The legs thus formed follow each other below the table top, creating varying and surprising perspectives as the position of the viewer changes, staging harmonies and material contrasts with the brushed finish in light Nickel and Titanium grey or painted in matte white, grey Manganese colors. The ELIQUE table is available with a round or square top in white arabesque or grey graphite marble or in white, black or warm grey back-painted glass, or with a rectangular top in Eucalyptus, Black Eucalyptus, Swamp Oak or Swamp Ash wood finish.