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Agra Table*
Agra Table
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Accademia presents Agra, a new captivating piece of furniture that enriches and renovates the already known and widely appreciated Agra collection. With Agratable Accademia launches a new interesting piece of furniture that innovates the historic collection, which owes its name to this very element. The original frame in reinforced steel, polished varnished or polished stainless steel is now covered by an intriguing synthetic twist available in a wide range of colours. A new version in iroko adds to the existing options available for the table top: round, square, oval, and stratified HPL laminate. Even though it has been conceived for outdoor use, Agratable is widely acknowledged for its versatility and ability to adapt to the most diverse furnishings and architectural styles, as well as indoor areas.

Tall round Agratable: Height 110 cm – Ø 70/80 cm;
Tall square Agratable: Height 110 cm – Width 70x70 cm / 80x80 cm;
Round bistrot Agratable: Height 40 cm – Ø 70/80/90 cm;
Square bistrot Agratable: Height 40 cm – Width 70x70 / 80x80 / 90x90 cm;
Round Agratable: Height 72 cm – Ø 100 / 125 cm;
Round bistrot Agratable: Height 72 – Ø 70 / 80 / 90 cm;
Square bistrot Agratable: Height 72 – Width 70x70 / 80x80 / 90x90 cm;
Oval Agratable: Height 72 cm – Width 120x160 cm;
Small Agratable: Height 37 cm – Width 55x64 cm.

Table base finish: Synthetic twist-covered metal.
Synthetic twist colours: Navy, charcoal, green.
Table top finish: Iroko, white HPL, charcoal HPL.

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Collection of tables for outdoor and indoor use.
Frame with strengthened steel tube in chrome or satin chrome finish. The bases AT-P and AT-A are also available in polished stainless steel suitable for outdoor use (with the tops in white laminated HPL or teak). Adjustable feet in stained aluminium. In the package, there are some glides in plastic and felt. It is possible to order only the base without the top. Relevant prices are shown on our price list. Tops: oak veneered, white multilayered HPL, high resistance lacquered, white mat lacquered and white macroter. The edges have an inclination of 30°. Oak is postformed. HPL tops are the only ones suitable for outdoor use (together with the stainless steel base. Please note that not all sizes are available in the listed materials. Please verify on the price list the real availability of the required tops.
Our teak products are treated with vegetal oil. If employed for outdoor, we suggest to carry out their maintenance when necessary (at least once a year).