The Swedish design brand Abstracta is introducing great new products for functional, modern office environments. One new innovation, which is being presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, is the Loop floor screen designed by Anya Sebton.

“Loop is a playful screen system that offers users opportunities to form creative combinations,” says the designer Anya Sebton. The product consists of a framework, with lines of fabric threaded between the bars of the frame in a classic weaving technique. Anya drew her inspiration for Loop from the Swedish tradition of weaving rag rugs.

Creating a screen with an irregular shape not only produces an aesthetically attractive look, but also effectively blocks sound waves. This gives Loop excellent sound-absorbing properties.

Loop offers a whole host of possibilities for varying the design; the fabric elements can easily be removed and replaced, for example with a different coloured material. The lines of fabric can be arranged in a vertical or horizontal pattern, depending on how the bars of the frame are positioned. The steel frame in the basic design is painted white. Solid feet, which are available with a painted or chrome finish, can easily be mounted onto the screen using an Allen key.

Loop provides privacy, absorbs sound and forms a decorative feature, producing a harmonious effect which is very much in line with Abstracta’s design ethos.