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Nature, with its shifting seasons and manifold of forms, is the source of inspiration for Air –Stefan Borselius’ influential concept for hanging acoustic partitions. The Air series ranges from abstract cones and snowflakes to leaves and blooming flowers.
The Air products can be used in many ways to create transparent rooms within the room and to diffuse unpleasant sound reflections. Thus, achieving a more dynamic visual space as well as a more enjoyable soundscape – a space that not only encourages you to engage in spontaneous meetings and talks, but also lets you work without being disturbed by what happens in your surrounding. The degree of openness is determined by how the modules are being combined. All the modules are made in moulded felt, and can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall. They may be combined into partitions in a manifold of patterns of various forms and colours.
Size (mm): 477×512 . Material: Moulded felt. Comes in a variety of colours.