Product description

90 cm high, dia 30 cm
bulb 60 w, e 14 candle form
globe is stepless variable
double map (physical map illuminated, political map not illuminated)

Product family


illuminated globe series: earth, moon and stars

ever since, at the end of the 15th century, nuremberg merchant martin behaim had the world, at the time still very incomplete, printed onto a globe, the latter have been extremely popular as a compact cartographic medium. in an illuminated version they are not only particularly practical but also an impressive accessory for any living room or study. the absolut-lighting globe »erde« (earth) offers a clever dual-image system. when lit up it presents a physical map of our world, when unlit, a political one, in english or german, as preferred. the globes »mond« (moon) and »sterne« (stars) invite their owners on a virtual trip through strange worlds, bathing the room where they stand in a gentle, dreamy light.

this illuminated globe series features an impressively appealing mixture of materials, craftsmanship to »absolut«’s usual high standards and, for the standard lamp version, a height that can be adjusted smoothly.