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3M™ Projection Screen Whiteboard Film PWF-500
Projection Screen Whiteboard Film
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Product description

Width: 1,22 m
Length: 9 m ❘ 30 m
Thickness (film): 230 µm


This innovative Whiteboard Film is self-adhesive for direct application on the surface.

Due to its specially developped, silk mat finish, the PWF-500 has whiteboard and projection capabilities. It offers excellent viewing angle characteristics, in addition to uniform brightness in any angle. Not only it is much lower in weight than traditional projector screens, it also saves space with perfect architectural integration features into the ambient office interior.

It improves creativity and productivity of meetings by turning entire walls into whiteboard and projection screen. Using waterbased whiteboard markers, the film is easily erasable and washable. PWF-500 offers great versatility for interior application of conference and office rooms, retail, schools, kindergarten and other private or public buildings.

Design/Pattern: Projection Screen Whiteboard Film
Surface Finish: Satin mat
Applications: Walls
Approval/Certification: Flammability standards
Film Type: PVC
Width: 1,22 m
Length: 9 m ❘ 30 m
Opacity: Opaque
Thickness (film): 230 µm
Removability: Permanent
Removal Method: Fair to remove with heat and/or chemicals from supported substrates
Adhesive Type: Pressure-sensitive
Adhesive Colour: Grey
Surface Type: Flat, Simple curved
Application method: Dry only
Application Recommendations: For use on flat substrates only
Application Temperature: +12°C minimum (air and substrate)
Service Temperature:-20°C to +50°C
Usage: Interior
Max. Warranty Interior: 12 years