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3M™ Nomad™ Terra 6050
3M™ Nomad™ Terra Matting
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Living room/Office accessories-Door mats >
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Farbe: grau

Abmessungen in cm:
90cm x 150cm
90cm x 600cm
120cm x 180cm
120cm x 600cm

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Extreme amounts of coarse dirt and moisture can accumulate outside. 3M™ Nomad™ Terra Matting consist of hard-wearing vinyl loops to absorb dirt outside, through and inside. Due to the open structure, these entrance coverings are able to absorb large amounts of dirt and prevent it from entering the building.

For medium traffic up to 1,500 people / day.
Fine, flexible vinyl loop covering with backing for picking up coarse and fine dirt indoors.
The vinyl backing serves to protect the floor underneath.
Material height 9 mm.
Fire behavior according to EN 13501-1: Bfl-s1.
Slip resistance according to DIN 51130: R11.
No edge protection, EXCEPTION: mat goods (90 x 150cm and 120 x 180cm)