In-Wash® In-Tank® combines all functionalities of Roca’s smart WCs into one compact piece that integrates the cistern into the bowl. As there is no need for external or built-in tank, both the wall-hung and the floor standing versions, can save up to 20 cm versus conventional toilets.

The Rimless Vortex design of In-Wash® In-Tank® makes the traditional toilet rim disappear and has an optimized internal shape that, together with the Soft Air propelling technology, generates a powerful 360 swirl-shaped flush that distributes water evenly and controlled throughout the bowl, resulting in a thorough, effective and silent cleaning.

In addition to all functions aimed at total hygiene, In-Wash® In-Tank® also introduces the new and exclusive Supraglaze enamel: a crystallized hydrophilic finish providing an antistick inner surface that facilitates water’s cleansing effect. It is applied on top of the traditional enamel, ensuring an even smoother, porosity-free surface.