Tobias Link articles

The rise and fall of consumerist architecture: ten modern ...

James Wormald


As the online marketplace takes a stranglehold on bricks and mortar retail, these are the destination super retail structures tempting consumers back to market.

Tobias Link on light and architecture

Simon Keane-Cowell


‘Light is the essence of architecture,’ say Oliver and Tobias Link of Tobias Link Lighting Design. Watch the video for more insights...

Light work: illuminating office spaces

Peter Smisek


Lighting plays a crucial role in modern office design, where smart, thoughtful approaches help create the holistic, dynamic, creative atmospheres demanded of these spaces.

The paths to enlightenment: lighting design for landscape ...

Peter Smisek


Lighting design not only shapes interior spaces, it can also be deployed to lend form and narrative to external, architectural landscapes.

Sock it to me: Plug & Light

Katharina Schwarze


The PLUG & LIGHT network of Insta, Gira, JUNG and BRUMBERG bring the strengths of their individual expertise together, creating an innovative, versatile plug-in light socket.

Lighten up: Plug & Light

Katharina Schwarze


Set the mood and change it up in an instant with the flexible interior lighting options and solutions enabled by the PLUG & LIGHT system.

I’ve got the power: Plug & Light

Katharina Schwarze


Easy to use and highly compatible, PLUG & LIGHT puts the power into users’ own hands with lighting control sourced directly from the socket.