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Sustainability in the UK: residential projects

Peter Smisek


The world's climate emergency, as well as rocketing energy costs, means more sustainable and energy-efficient approaches to building are no longer just an option but rather a necessity.

Editor's Letter — July 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Global Design Agenda's Sustainability Design Week speakers stress the need to design and build sustainable cities for survival.

'Sustainability is not a question anymore, it's ...

James Wormald


Jan Boelen of Atelier LUMA explains the conditions required for change: 'True innovation only happens when there's a cultural shift.' Watch the video to hear more…

'Architecture has always been a bit of a ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Craig Robertson of AHMM explains the opposing factors of modern architecture: 'Different stakeholders have different ideas of what a good building is.' Watch the video to hear what else he has to say…

'We cannot not build – but instead build for adaptive ...

Katharina Schwarze


Oliver Schaper of Gensler, one of the largest architecture firms in the world and currently in partnership with UN-Habitat, discusses the circular construction model. Watch the video to learn more…

‘It’s important to see what a building is made of’: ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Martin Voelkle of BIG discusses sustainable architecture: ‘If it’s made from sustainable material, then you should be able to see it.’ Watch the video to hear more…

Haworth: rework, repair, recycle, reuse

Brand story



With a myriad of 'r' words at its disposal, global office furniture brand Haworth has taken up the challenge of developing a 100% recycled and recyclable version of its Maari chair.

Sustainable schooling: learning spaces that teach us to be ...

Brand story

James Wormald


These education sector projects teach the architects of tomorrow the importance of green construction, while also protecting the communities of today.

What is biophilic design, and can it save the planet?

James Wormald


The practice of biophilic design – using plants and green space to improve health and wellbeing – is an important tool, but can it solve the environmental crisis too?

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