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As inside, so outside: Minotti

Anna Winston


Italian manufacturer MINOTTI doesn’t believe you should have to sacrifice good design, quality and comfort simply because you are outside, so its outdoor collections embody the same, renowned elegance. Just sit back and relax.

Upward curve: Minotti

Anna Winston


At this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Italian manufacturer MINOTTI showcased a revamp of its design language with a raft of new collaborations with some of the great designers of our time.

From Bauhaus to Wowhouse: 5 modernism-embracing builds

Simon Keane-Cowell


100 years since the founding of the Bauhaus. 5 contemporary projects that channel its spirit.

São Paulo: Entwerfen in einer Stadt der Gegensätze (Teil ...



(Article available in German only) Im zweiten Teil des Berichtes über die junge Architekturszene in São Paulo lernen Sie zwei weitere kollaborative Architekturbüros kennen, die nicht nur ihr eigenes Stadtbild auf sehr spezifische Weise prägen.

São Paulo: Entwerfen in einer Stadt der Gegensätze (Teil ...



(Article available in German only) Die Architektur in São Paulo befindet sich in einem komplexen Spannungsfeld, welches durch das exponentielle Wachstum und das enorme Tempo seiner ständigen Verwandlung geprägt ist. Das daraus resultierende


Dominic Lutyens


In the retail world, bookstore interiors are arguably changing more radically than in any other sector. Time was when bookshops appealed for being old-world and fusty, with their labyrinthine layouts, faintly musty smells and eccentrically bookish

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