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Basic instinct: rural getaways

Peter Smisek


The pandemic has forced many holidaymakers to eschew foreign travel this year, but it has also allowed for the discovery of new, rustic architectural gems a little closer to home.

Software update: workplace textiles

Peter Smisek


How to make office spaces more inviting to workers used to the comforts of home? For increasing numbers of interior architects and designers, textiles provide a compelling answer.

Hard to beat: concrete interiors

Peter Smisek


Concrete packs a powerful architectural punch, not least when serving as a scene-setter in contemporary commercial spaces.

Cliffhangers: homes that hang on in there

Peter Smisek


Dramatic coastal locations can make for dramatic architectural results – topographic and logistical challenges notwithstanding.

Newseum: cultural renovation projects

Peter Smisek


In the right hands, building-renewal projects help us tackle modern environmental issues while at the same time breathing new life into existing architectural spaces.

Back to the source: new spa and bathing facilities

Peter Smisek


With a gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, wellness facilities might soon be inviting people back into the water again – among them, our nature-embracing selection from across Europe.

LED it be!: the latest lighting projects

Peter Smisek


The exponential growth of LED and other technologies has made light even more biddable as an architectural element, as the latest crop of restaurants and museums demonstrate.

Learning by building

Peter Smisek


With third-level education booming globally, universities are in a fight to attract the brightest and the best – and to ensure their financial sustainability. Enter some of the brightest and best architects to help provide a competitive edge.

Ensemble piece: the latest cabin projects

Peter Smisek


I want to be alone. Well, almost. Check out our global survey of cabin projects, where contemporary architecture becomes something akin to a sculpture park.