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A new school of thought: education projects that really ...

Peter Smisek


Creative, innovative and outside-the-box thinking in education architecture serves not only to build schools that optimise learning conditions, it also drives architects and designers to find solutions that work for the environment.

All well and good: new health-spa design

Peter Smisek


There’s more to wellness than warm pools and hot-stone massages – the spa experience can be significantly enhanced via considered architectural choices when it comes to materiality, colour and context.

Body shop: new retail spaces

Peter Smisek


It’s undeniable that the online retail environment offers a multitude of advantages to consumers, particularly in the current climate. However, thoughtful and engaging design will always hold power to attract consumers out of internet stores and

A change is as good as a rest: adaptive reuse in hotel ...

Peter Smisek


Repurposing an existing structure in architecture generally signals good news for the environment. When it comes to hotels, where architects get to celebrate, rediscover and reinterpret a building’s story, it also means creating added value for

Things are looking up: roof gardens

Peter Smisek


In an increasingly urbanised world, the issue of how to create green spaces in any meaningful way is a pressing one for planners and architects. The renaissance of the roof garden might be one answer.

Island Life: kitchen spaces break out

Peter Smisek


As kitchens become more sociable spaces, functionally flexible and open, the island unit ceases to serve simply as furniture, taking on a more central, architecturally meaningful, space-defining role.

Check in, get naked: the destination hotel bathroom

Peter Smisek


When it comes to hotel bathrooms, designers are increasingly blurring the lines between where the bedroom ends and the bathroom starts – resulting in a richer, more joined-up experience for the user. 

The best medicine: new healthcare architecture

Peter Smisek


The capacity of architecture to influence wellbeing finds perhaps its greatest utility in the area of healthcare, where thoughtful, empathetic design choices can have a profoundly positive effect on patients – and health professionals, too.

Re:work – adaptive reuse in office interiors

Peter Smisek


Architects are adding value to the world of work via adapted workspaces that are small on carbon liability and big on creative solutions.