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KriskaDECOR® is a metal chain curtain which offers many decorative partitioning alternatives. It is made of small links of anodised aluminium which form a lightweight, versatile mesh. It is like a real metallic textile!

The design options are infinite. KriskaDECOR® can be completely customized. Curtains can be singularly solid coloured or they can combine link colours to create logos, geometrical shapes and art reproductions. Sizes

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It’s curtains for Expo 2015

Giovanna Dunmall


The go-to Spanish manufacturer of high-end, space-shaping mesh curtains has turned the Ecuadorean Pavilion at Milan’s Expo 2015 into a must-visit destination.


Looming Large: innovation in new textile design

Simon Keane-Cowell


If you think textile design is, well, a little two-dimensional, think again. Contemporary producers of high-quality woven materials for interiors are busy exploring all sorts of innovative directions in terms of materials, processes and applications.


MADE Milan - Materials Report Part 1/3

Susanne Fritz


MADE 2010, short for Milano Design Architettura Edilizia, took place at the city's trade-fair grounds, wowing visitors with an exciting exhibition of building and other materials. Because of the wealth of materials on show, which we gathered over


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