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Transforming traditional architecture with atmospheric ...

James Wormald


These epically emotional historical environments utilise technology and innovative lighting design to enhance what’s already there, while preserving their influential architecture.

How to create a cosy winter-ready interior

James Wormald


As our personal energy use becomes an even hotter topic, here’s how to transform those hard-to-heat open-plan spaces into cosy hibernation nests until spring.

Will sustainability cause home fireplaces to burn out?

James Wormald


The great warmth and glow of a cosy home fireplace is one of winter’s greatest pleasures, but can burning fuel ever be part of a carbon-neutral future?

Curtain call: four flexible office spaces that use interior ...

James Wormald


These office interiors use partitioning curtains of varying colour, texture and transparency to draw flexible workspaces together, and keep them apart.

Top architecture and design trends for 2023

James Wormald


2022 was the year that life returned. Over the next 12 months, however, architects and designers will combine individuality and wellness with sustainability to create a ‘new and improved’ normal.

Architonic video interviews of the year 2022

Brand story

James Wormald


Here are the five most popular video interviews from Architonic’s Global Design Agenda series this year. Diving into some of the top creative minds and living to tell the tale.

Architonic articles of the year 2022

James Wormald


Here are the top five articles we’ve published over the past year, with everything from top projects to top products and how to use them.

Architonic projects of the year 2022: Cultural

James Wormald


Providing patrons with music, art, history, technology and performance, these are the top five most popular new cultural projects of 2022.

Architonic projects of the year 2022: Retail

James Wormald


Here are the five most popular new retail store openings worth queueing around the block for in 2022.

James Wormald articles

Editor's Letter – December 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Metaversal musings, bright sparks and workplace affairs – that was 2022.

Successful mission at Dutch Design Week 2022

Emma Moore


There was a healthy dose of pragmatism on the agenda at this year's Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, with organisers, exhibitors and visitors joining together towards a forward-looking, sustainability-driven common cause.

Editor's Letter – October 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


The energy crisis, energetic thinking on sustainability and the power of lighting design.

Editor's Letter — July 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Global Design Agenda's Sustainability Design Week speakers stress the need to design and build sustainable cities for survival.

Editor's Letter – June 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


DAAily platforms launches in a super-hot Milan, while we cool down with the Global Design Agenda Bathroom Design Week

DAAily bar: the new place to be during Milan Design Week

Katharina Schwarze


Designboom, Architonic and ArchDaily open the DAAily bar: the place for the A&D community to meet during Milan Design Week.

Design thinking strategies that help you find elegant ...

Katharina Schwarze


Architects and designers possess problem-solving skills that also make them extremely valuable to companies outside of the A&D sector. The key term here is design thinking…

Editor’s Letter – March 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Solidarity with Ukraine and its architectural scene, switching on our Global Design Agenda’s Lighting Design Week and filming a transformative workplace in Germany.