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Kitchen unity from Gaggenau

Emma Moore


A shared subtlety of design allows Gaggenau's range of professional-quality kitchen appliances to blend together with changing interior styles, bringing creative freedom to the rest of the home.

By professionals, for professionals: Gaggenau

Emma Moore


At Gaggenau, a global team of specialists is at your disposal to master any planning challenge in terms of design and technology.

Soul food: Gaggenau

Emma Moore


Craftsmanship is at the top of Gaggenau's list of values, because ‘it's the only way to breathe soul into products’, says Sven Baacke, the company’s Head of Design.

Mise en place: Gaggenau

Emma Moore


Find out how Gaggenau, founded as an ironworks in southern Germany in 1683, developed into a company that today produces some of the most advanced and aesthetically considered kitchen appliances in the world.

So cool it's hot: Gaggenau

Dominic Lutyens


Since its recent launch in March 2018, GAGGENAU’s new Vario cooling 400 series has already garnered the coveted iF gold award for product design.

Recipe for success: Gaggenau

Dominic Lutyens


The Vario cooktops 400 series brings professional cooking to the private home. Designed by GAGGENAU Germany’s leading manufacturer of high-end home appliances, the 400 series combines convenience and versatility with minimalist design.

Something's Brewing: Gaggenau

Simon Keane-Cowell


Coffee is big business – both in economic and cultural terms. With the brewed bean enjoying a major connoisseurial renaissance, luxury home-appliances brand GAGGENAU has brought the outside in with their fully automatic, professional-standard

Gaggenau: Cook at home like the professionals

DETAIL - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail


In Haus D. in Hilpoltstein, architecture and interior design go hand in hand. Around the central kitchen, the open room sequences ensure the professional interaction of living, cooking and working.

The difference is Gaggenau

Atrium Magazin für Wohnkultur, Design und Architektur


Kitchen appliances from Gaggenau are a captivating blend of design, usability and professionalism — right down to the last detail.

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ArchitectsParty Contest 2014



The completeness and efficiency of Gaggenau home appliances collections represent the company aim, a mission which has lasted for over 300 years and which has expressed itself through a passionate search for the perfect balance between form and

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