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In 1954 Prince Bentheim Tecklenburg and Leo Lübke began manufacturing upholstered furniture in Rheda-Wiedenbrück under the name of COR - Latin for heart.
This was because three hearts embellished the coat of arms of the founders. Barely a year later it was honoured with the first of many awards - the march of COR into the nations homes had begun. With the swinging sixties came Conseta, the seventies Trio, the eighties Zyklus

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„neue räume“ - the design hotspot in Zurich

Neue Räume


From 18 to 22 November 2015, the „neue räume“ international interior design exhibition will be opening its doors again at the ABB Hall in Zurich. Once again, an impressive array of contemporary design from renowned international and swiss


True Beauty Inside and Out

Atrium Magazin für Wohnkultur, Design und Architektur


A matter of the heart: for 60 years, COR has been combining quality craftsmanship and innovative design to create supremely comfortable upholstered furniture. Inner values included!


The In-Betweeners: the rise of a new office-furniture ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


In the grand, teleological narrative of design, things are developed to make our lives increasingly better. New forms, materials and technological innovations are introduced, self-justifying, attended by a clarity of function and value. But what


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COR-Preis 2010



Formgebung und Gestaltung beeinflussen unser gesamtes Leben und damit auch das Wohnen als Grundbedürfnis des Menschen. Der COR-Preis fördert die kontinuierliche Berichterstattung über diesen Themenkreis.


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