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Die neue blickfang Zürich

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(Article available in German only) „Mit der kommenden blickfang Zürich werden wir selbst diejenigen Besucher überraschen, die denken, schon alles gesehen zu haben“: Vom 10. bis 12. November zieht die blickfang Zürich um – und erfindet sich

Mature and full of vitality: blickfang celebrates its 25th ...

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The month of March marks 25 years of blickfang shopping in Stuttgart. To commemorate this milestone, the Hamburger design studio Besau Marguerre has agreed to create a limited-edition tablecloth collection and to oversee the creation of a banquet

Meet the designer

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It seems that lately design shopping events have been popping up like mushrooms. Unfortunately.what you see is not always what get, very often handmade has been touted as design, design quality often takes a back seat. So let`s take a critical look