As a Japanese furniture manufacturer, Ritzwell has continued to lead the Japanese furniture design industry with its unique worldview since its establishment in 1992. The head office plant, the center of production activity, is located in Fukuoka, with showrooms in Tokyo and Osaka delighting customers across Japan with elegant, high-quality furniture. Acclaimed by numerous architects and interior designers, Ritzwell enjoys widespread adoption in a wide range of high-end projects in Japan ranging from homes to commercial facilities.

Through its recent exhibitions at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the firm is today showcasing its unique designs to the world market. Ritzwell products, combining advanced industrial technology with superlative craftsmanship, offer the high quality and painstaking production values Japan has built a reputation for.


Ritzwell designs are based on organic modernism that combines a balanced, simple form with all the beauty and grace of the materials.Each piece goes through a feedback cycle of evaluation and redesign, examining both utility and aesthetics, and emerges stripped of extraneous elements to leave only the fascination of Ritzwell furniture that grows more beautiful with time. The more you use it, the more the shape of the backrest, the smoothness of the leather, even the wrinkles, remember your body and mold to it, changing over the years to grow ever closer.