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A lightweight, transparent panel for interior design applications.
The core material of the ViewPan PET panel is a WaveCore honeycomb structure made from clear PET-plastic with 18 mm cell width. The honeycomb structure is bonded to surfaces made from transparent PETG-plastic. A special clear/transparent glue is used to bond the WaveCore honeycomb to the transparent surfaces. The result is a light-weight and translucent honeycomb-composite-panel with high stiffness. Depending on the viewing angle the honeycomb structure shows interesting optical effects and a three dimensional depth effect. The optical effects vary from clear transparency to diffuse light scattering. The surfaces can be coated with coloured and/or satin films or with spray coat technique.


- translucent three dimensional optics
- interesting light scattering effects
- high light transmittance
- light weight and high stiffness
- B1 flame certification
- usable in framing systems

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