Multiparker 710/720/730 by Wöhr

Multiparker 710/720/730


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Multiparker 710
2-8 parking levels

Multiparker 720
5-20 parking levels with emphasis on a reduced floor area

Multiparker 730:
faster access times

Shuttles on each level, driving independently of the vertical conveyor, ensure quicker transport. Additionally the quick change pallet system enhances access times, making the Multiparker suitable for public car parks.

- automatic parking system for 10 to over 100 cars, structure comparable to high-bay rack system, suitable also for use in public car parks
- safe for user and car
- high flexibility permits adaptation to individual project requirements thanks to 3 different types: cross parker in 3 variants, longitudinal parker and shuttle parker, with shuttles on each parking level working independent-ly of the vertical conveyor
- vertical conveyor with simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement and possible rotary motion of the car at the same time
- as tower or shaft variant (entry at bottom or at top) or as tower/shaft variant (entry at an intermediate level)
- multi-row arrangement with 1 to 2 rows one behind the other is also possible; entry and exit areas can be arranged where needed
- very fast access thanks to pallet quick-change system
- no space-consuming ramps and alleys needed
- no costly illumination, ventilation etc. needed
- big limousines up to 2.5t, e.g. Mercedes Benz S class, can be parked
- various operating options: from magnetic card to remote control
- connection and integration of point-of- sales accounting system for parking fees is possible

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