Umbrella stands

Umbrella stands, small cabinets intended to hold umbrellas and walking sticks, are usually located near the door, ready to yield their contents whenever they are needed. As such, umbrella stands have a modest but fairly important presence, and their simple function means that the designs themselves range from playful, serious, sculptural or anything in between.

For example, Alvar Aalto’s ‘Umbrella Stand 115’ for Artek, is a simple, birchwood, triangular stand with round corners, which is complemented by a luxurious brass tray that catches any excess water. Another surprising design is the minimal ‘UMBRELLA STAND 0511’, designed for Schönbuch by Enrico Tonucci, essentially a large, glass vase, it can also be used as such.

Many umbrella stands, such as Josep Llusca’s ‘Rama’ for Vilagrasa, ‘Gocchia’, designed by Boccato, Gigante and Zambusi for Magis, feature a round basin with a round metal rim at the top. ‘RACK Umbrella stand’, conceived by F/P Design for Schönbuch, falls in this typology too, but can also serve as a small side table when rotated.

Inno-manufactured, ‘15RP | 20RP | 30RP’ umbrella stands are perforated metal cylinders, while Eckart Muthesius’s ‘Usha’ for ClassiCon consists of a spiralling, chromium plated steel ribbon. ‘Plec umbrella stand’, designed by Isabel Gamero and Jordi Pérez for Bd Barcelona, and Xavier Lust’s ‘Rainy day’ umbrella stand for De Padova, resemble stark, orthogonal sculptures while Charles O. Job’s ‘VIA’ for mox is a dynamic, angular, folded metal umbrella stand with two compartments, for both large and small umbrellas.

Ending on a more playful note, ‘Stick up Hanger | Planter’, designed for Deesawat by Zero First Design is a whimsical composition, consisting of a wooden cube base, into which umbrellas and a coat-stands can be slotted. And finally, Massimo Mussapi’s ‘Capo Bastone’ for Segis, is a conical umbrella stand that actually looks like an umbrella.

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