Kids benches

Well-designed kids’ benches are not only practical and beautiful, but create new, unexpected functional possibilities by becoming a part of children’s play landscape and by helping them socialise and collaborate.

For example, Monica Förster’s ‘Wonder Box’ for Richard Lampert is a kids’ bench that slides into a small desk, creating a marvellous, compact, hidden workplace. Thomas Maitz’s ‘PAULI’ for perludi is a small, irregular, felt-covered shelf that can store childrens’ toys and books, but also double as a kids’ bench.

Another design by Thomas Maitz for perludi is ‘OSKARatWORK’, a kids’ table with an integrated tray for supplies, and two kids’ benches, which can be stowed under the table for easy storage. Kuopion Wood’s ‘Bench for children SI701B’is a series of robust, progressively smaller, nesting, wooden benches, which can be specified with a sound absorbing surface.

Alexander Seifried’s ‘Famille Garage Table and bench’, again manufactured by Richard lampert, is a simple, wooden ensemble ideal for arts and crafts. Emiliana Design’s ‘Ottawa’ for Planning Sisplamo positions two kids’ benches, with moulded plywood seats and high backs opposite one another, and connects them with a steel frame canopy. A tabletop is then suspended from this canopy, creating a perfect place for sheltered play.

Conversely, Bertrand Guillemot’s ‘Happy Child’ is a large, irregular snaking kids’ bench with internal storage compartments, that is more like a self-contained landscape than a conventional piece of furniture. Another unconventional design is Fehling & Peiz’s ‘Still lives’, designed by Jennie Peiz and Yvonne Fehling. This last design consists of a life-sized family of three upholstered pigs, that are sure to set off any child’s imagination.

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