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Still lives
Still lives
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What is it that puts people in a happy mood when they see these objects?

We are looking at a life-sized family of pigs, upholstered with traditional diamond quilting in leather and standing in front of us in a natural fashion.

Maybe they call on us to see them in a playful light. Maybe they put us in a distracted, childlike state of unconcern and ignorance. Maybe even in a moment of innocence.

Let us consider the abstract fashion in which we are usually confronted with pigs: in the form of chops or thin strips of meat, in the form of leather gloves and meat-and-bone meals. All of a sudden, however, at the same time as if this were a matter of course, we find them reintegrated into the human environment “in one piece’.

Maybe we are confronted with a particularly smart and resourceful breeding of a farm animal?
Decoration and companion. Silent, house-trained, low-maintenance.
Maybe they are an expression of a certain type of saturation. Or of deprivation.
Maybe, these still lives simply eagerly strain the classic concept of design.

In any case, they deliberately defy all definition. There is both something confounding and liberating about it.
In any case, they are a welcome change in an unexpected direction.

S: 58 x 20 x 28 cm
M: 100 x 32 x 50 cm
XL: 150 x 46 x 78 cm

Calf leather in traditional diamond quilting.