Firewood storage

Firewood can be stored in style thanks to the creative ideas of designers and manufacturers who have created the high-end firewood storage elements in this selection. However, these designs are by no means self-serving, and there is always a practical, added benefit to using a firewood storage.

Take Johannes Bayer’s ‘U-Board wooden log holder’, manufactured by lebenzubehoer by stef’s, a fibre cement firewood storage that keeps the logs all in one pace and can function as a stool when turned upside down. Harrie Leenders-manufactured ‘WoodBe Wall’ is a modular, hexagonal, wall-mounted firewood storage made from cor-ten steel. The freestanding version, where the hexagonal modules are simply stacked one on top of the other, is called simply ‘WoodBee’.

Cornelia Norgren’s ‘Manhattan cabinet’ for Röshults is a tall, rectangular, open cabinet with a concrete base and a steel structure, available in eight different colours. ‘Holzmichel’ made by jankurtz is a tall console table with a polished steel tabletop with firewood storage underneath. Michael Rösing’s and Michael Schuster’s ‘kaminholzwagen’ is a rectangular coffee table with wheels on one end that can also be used as a bench, a small, mobile bar or mobile firewood storage.

Finally, TRADEWINDS-manufactured ‘J.ack’ is a two-wheeled, aluminium trolley that can serve as firewood storage, but also double as a more general helper in moving heavy objects from A to B.

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