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wineTee® wood log holder
wineTee System
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Product description

No other combination has fascinated interior decorators and designers as enduringly as steel and wood. The wood log holder interprets this classic connection in its own way. Manufactured entirely from top-quality rolled steel, your wood will remain a short-lived consumer good, while nonetheless lending the cool metal frame a little warmth for a balanced appearance. Both purist and practical, its high net weight and non-slip base make it possible to create a stable pile of wood logs up to the height of the steel frame. The wood log holder is part of the superb wineTee® design series, and consists of two ‘M’-sized wineTee® and a steel base. All parts are manufactured from hand-picked, rolled steel plates, which are virtually scale-free to the naked eye. Manufacturing takes place in a traditional Swiss steel factory. The wineTee® system can be individually customised and extended.

Product family


Interlocking system
All wineTee® elements are cut to size using high-precision lasers, and then smoothed down, inspected and finished by hand. This guarantees flawless uniformity between all interlocking joints. All of the system’s elements are extremely stable and can be assembled with ease, even without tools or other assembly aids.

Labelling kit
Blending inconspicuously into the background – just like the wineTee® itself:
the label cards. Small, powerful bar magnets will hold the sturdy cards firmly in position. Labelled with a permanent marker, the cards will stay legible for many years – even in high humidity (e.g. in the wine cellar).

Kitchen set
The little black cookbook stand. Elegant and extremely practical, the wineTee is at your service whenever you need support – when cooking on the stove, for instance. The wineTee kitchenaid is there for you.
The small wineTee will hold your cookbook, allowing you to keep your hands free. The tall wineTee can easily accommodate books of all sizes, including several cookbooks, and even the tablet/iPad – stably and at eye level.The other two small wineTees can be combined with a shelf board to create more space – stably and at eye level. Thanks to poweful, neodymium rare-earth magnets, your cookbook will allways remain open on the right page, sage above the heart of the action.