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About Sky-Frame
With its frameless, filigree sliding windows, Sky-Frame turns the dream of an open, free-flowing living environment into reality. Winner of several awards, the Swiss-made, premium-quality product has delighted architects and clients worldwide with its top-class performance, convenience and minimalist design. With its wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling and wraparound corner glazing solutions, Sky-Frame caters for window fronts up to four metres high. The fixed and sliding elements are freely combinable and, thanks to the new Sky-Frame Arc, even organic geometries can now be accommodated. Sky-Frame currently features in more than 4,000 completed projects in 24 countries. Faithful to the brand promise – "A view, not a window" – Sky-Frame's frameless and expansive glass fronts open up breathtaking vistas. History
1993 – Founded by J. Rüegg and B. Guhl and started with 3 employees
2002 – Installation of the first Sky-Frame System
2006 – Sky-Frame received Innovations prize for Architecture and Technology
2007 – Sky-Frame innovations: up to 4 metres high and motorized operation
2009 – Development of Sky-Frame 3 – high insulation system with triple glazing
2010 - Certification of Sky-Frame 3 as first metal MINERGIE®-Module sliding window
2012 – Sky-Frame 3 achieves a result of max. 44 dB of sound insulation capability (IFT Rosenheim)
2013 – Certification of Sky-Frame 3P as first metal MINERGIE-P®-Module sliding window
2013 – development of the curved sliding window Sky-Frame Arc


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